Bang for your buck. How to shop a sale.

I could give a whole course on this topic AND to be perfectly honest I don’t always take my own advice. There is always that one really beautiful, really high heel that looks amazing, stunning and I just “have to have it” and then sits waiting till the day I find an event to go to and then of course I don’t wear it cause it doesn’t go with anything I have(or it’s WAY too high). URG!!! But over the years of working in retail, styling and shopping non-stop there are some things that I tend to avoid. Like… buying things I can’t fit into “yet” or are too big and I know I will alter… but never do. Also my biggest piece of advice is that I try to be “mostly” practical as I want things in my wardrobe that are long-term/classic vs. short term/trendy.

Michelle’s Advice for Shopping a Designer Sale.

Stick to your list. (You know, that lovely plan that we make every season?)I know that purple blazer is so cool and it used to be $2200 and now it’s $850. But if you don’t have a black or even a white one. Don’t buy it. This one is Balmain.




It’s the boring things that you will appreciate. I know a boring pair of black pants is not that exciting to buy. But a well made Italian wool pant or an amazingly tailored black blazer is worth it in the long run as you will have the basics that help complete a good outfit. And getting these items for the price of what you would find at a lower end store makes you feel fabulous. Margiela.




Accessories. If you can find nothing that you like in your size or on your list. Don’t forget accessories. Jewlery, belts and scarves from designer stores are hard to buy at full price – some can run as high as $1100 for a belt. But you can score big time in this area if you don’t forget to look. Having a cool Tom Binns necklace with your dress from Zara is what being stylish is all about.

Clutches are also great to buy on sale. For some reason we have a hard time spending money on them but we truly need them to complete an evening look. Charlotte Olympia.






Cocktail Dresses. My clients that attend many different galas know that getting a fabulous gown at half the price means you can at least get two. If you find one that looks amazing on you, this is sure to be a wise investment. Stay away from crazy prints that are tell-tale signs of a current season and stick to classic colours and styles. If you don’t have a classic black cocktail dress don’t get a crazy colour first…maybe, second. Roland Mouret.





Have some fun. Pick a cool amazing fashion piece. Nothing screams cool and stylish like a piece of clothing that is truly unique. I pick jackets for my stand-out pieces. A great printed jacket or cool long coat is statement making when you enter a room and can become a conversation starter. If you are thinking right now, “i want to get something cool but I don’t know what” you should probably call me. I can help you.  Johnathan Saunders (embroidered coat, soon to be at home in my closet).




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