Camel Coat Crush

It’s a little winter and a little spring all mixed together and MOST definitely a good transition piece. It just so happens that one of my most fashionable friends bought this amazing Joseph camel coat the other day and since then I can’t stop thinking about owning one myself. I thought you might need to know how many ways you can wear them and also to remind you of how good they look on pretty much everyone. There are lot’s of different shades of camel so make sure that you get one that doesn’t wash you out.




The lovely Cara Delevingne looking elegant in her camel coat and heels.







Alexa Chung has the perfect mix of modern sensibility with vintage charm, doesn’t she?





Oh and the wrap coat? Really good.





I like this too. Probably because she is wearing a good belt. I can’t help it.





Ok… here is a great J.Crew Camel Coat from net-a-porter. $500




And if you had that J.Crew coat or something similar you could add a little scarf and jean shirt and you can look like you just got back from Paris this season. Easy Peasy.




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