Well. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Diane Kruger this past week. I might just think she is the coolest girl ever. And since she is dating my lovely friend Josh, whom I adore, ┬áit couldn’t get any better.

Here are some of Diane’s outfits that I will be taking inspiration from this year.

I bought purple pants just because of this great outfit. And the bag…can’t afford it… but it is perfect.


This one I liked because of the collar. I will wear lots of collars buttoned to the top this year. And the contrast on this Derek Lam dress is fabulous.


The cape. Some disagreed that this was a great outfit. Not me. She loves Jayson Wu. And clearly choosing Jayson Wu again and again pays off for her. You can find this lovely cape at The Room.

I would wear this whole outfit. I feel like we may have the same taste.

Chanel. I need those boots. Looking for some just like it.

How cute is this with the bow-tie? I might do it. Although then I would be completely copying her. I’ll put one on Stella. She gets to repeat all of last years trends this year at pre-school.

Easy boho and some color blocking. Immaculate taste in shoes.


And last but not least. I thought she looked stunning in this lilac shift dress in Paris. I would wear something like this when I go to Paris. Which maybe I’ll do sometime soon.

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