Essential Summer Shopping List

There are always questions pondered in summer. Like, when is summer coming?…if it is in fact coming? Am I too old to wear jean cut-offs? What are the good buys? Should I still be wearing this dress I got in Hawaii 15 years ago, before I had three children? And the list goes on…

I don’t have all the answers but I picked some great items to have in your wardrobe over the summer and hope that they help you get focused on what to buy now. Speaking of getting focused…summer is the perfect time to cleanse your wardrobe! Get rid of the old, dated and ill-fitting and save room for only things you love and feel fabulous in. AND if you are thinking you might need a second opinion for determining what to keep…if anything. Call me. I am here to help. I also can answer you with 100% certainty whether you should be wearing the dress from Hawaii 15 years ago.

In the meantime this is what you should be making room for in your wardrobe.

The first is, A Great White Dress. This isn’t an original thought. People have been blogging about it for weeks. But they maybe haven’t shown you a really perfect white dress. Like this Sandro one.




Second, The Perfect Clutch. Choose a bright colour. There are lots of great neon ones out there. My personal favourite is this Proenza cobalt blue one.



Third, Jean Cut-Offs. I preface by saying they are not for everyone. Some people should stick to the longer shorts. But…I do like these Current Elliot star-printed ones for those who can wear the shorter length. I am a sucker for hearts and stars.



Fourth, The Short Suit. Love it. Can’t get enough of the preppiness of the whole thing. This one is from Boy Band of Outsiders. Great look for weekends.



Fifth,The Great Waist Belt. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows how crazy I am about belts. I think they can make any outfit work and add the finishing touch. And while I am here let’s just mention the awesome jump-suit that this YSL belt is adding another dimension to. Hot. Its Sandro, again. Love Sandro. We carry it at The Bay. FYI.



Sixth, The Perfect Accessory. Erikson Beamon does neon the best, and this bracelet is awesome. It is playing on the trend of costume bling and correctly bringing in a little neon. This would up-date the plainest outfit or a really great white dress…

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