Favorite Things. Part Two: All I Want for Christmas

Seeing as no one asked, I decided to post my Christmas wish list for inspiration- for those out there still looking for gifts.

1. Hermes Enamel Bracelets. Always chic and always appreciated.


2. Grace. Grace Coddington’s memoir. A cool lady and a great read.



3. A Nesspresso Coffee Maker. We have one at The Room and my day does not work unless I have more than two. I think I need one for my house.



4. IPad Case. I have been looking FOREVER for a good one. This might be perfect. Comme des Garçons.



5. A Proenza T-shirt. Why, do you ask, would I want a t-shirt? Well cause I just think it’s hard to buy a $250 t-shirt for yourself. I said hard, not impossible. Clearly, I may own a few.



6. Carolina Bucci. These rings are just so lovely. You could collect the whole alphabet and spell different things each day. Just a thought.




Thanks for all your support over the last few months! I hope everyone has a happy holiday filled with love and laughter. All the best in the new year. XO




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