I Love…Fall Everything…

I love fall. Love it. The pre-fall collections are arriving and I do everything in my power not to go completely crazy lusting after sweaters in the heat of summer, but it’s happening. Today for example, I just had to buy a coat. Had to. May not wear it anytime soon, but I have it and that’s what counts. Here is my must-have list so far…


The Long Coat.

I absolutely love this look. So chic with a pair of classic pointed toe heels (which you all have by now, right?) and leather leggings. Joseph makes great coats. So does MMM.



Animal Prints.

Animal prints all over the runway and into our wardrobes. Either of these would be just fine with me.




Over-sized Knit Sweaters.

This Philip Lim 3.1 sweater is just so cool.




It’s my new/old thing. I put some on my denim vest for summer and now I will put some on my leopard coat for fall and I will wear more than one at a time.



Cool Tee’s.

I’m obsessed with t-shirts. I think a great tee with a bling-y necklace is perfect for date night.



Sleek Ankle Boots.

These Giovanni Rossi heels are so flattering and sexy on a woman’s leg…trust me.




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