I Love Suits.

Ahh…yes…Paris in the winter. What were the girls wearing? Well, they were wearing suits with ties, bow-ties and vests. Of course there is always a nod to the men’s fall shows when attending fashion week, but this trend takes last year’s button-to-the top idea a little further. The full suit. I think a woman can look drop dead sexy in a suit. The spring look would be to add a little colour in the tie, the belt and maybe the shoe. If you are wearing an oxford try no socks and a shorter cropped pant. Suits also look great with a feminine heel for night-time. If you are not brave enough to do the tie/vest combo- try a neck scarf like Anna Dello Russo!! I think I will buy a suit this season and I will learn to tie a tie. I really should know this.













Images courtesy of Tommy Ton www.style.com and Pinterest.

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