I Would Buy This Bag.

I am currently obsessed with purses. Well, shoes too. But we’ll focus on handbags. I am a huge fan of Proenza Schouler, as you probably know, I have three bags so far and I may just buy another one this season. I just get so excited about them. I virtually thought I went to heaven when I went to their showroom in December and got to pick some for pre-fall for my clients at The Room. Anyway, I like others too and just met lovely Larissa who owns Llyod and Wolf, a great handbag company from Vancouver.


Llyod and Wolf, Abi

(i just got this one in black and i love it)


Proenza, PS1

(well, obviously i would tell anyone to get one of these)




Alexander Wang

(this one is cute for spring and has a shoulder strap which i am a big fan off)



Proenza, lunch bag clutch

(this is on my WANT list)



Proenza Schouler, record shoulder bag

(this is also on my REALLY WANT list)




Rochas, borsa satchel.

(this one has potential and i love Rochas)






Zara, leather shopper

(why would i leave out Zara? i wouldn’t, because i love Zara)















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