It’s really hard to wait till fall to buy fall clothes. Just when the summer sales are winding down…wham…fall clothes arrive. However, there are some things that are great to buy now because:

a. you love them and they’ll be gone by the time you wait till fall AND

b. they are great transitional pieces to move you from summer to fall.

Here are some pieces that I am thinking about. Well, if I am not thinking about solving the world hunger crisis, I guess.


I liked this Jcrew sweater because it had a heart on it and I love things with hearts. It’s a thing. I would wear this now. On rainy days. To make me feel happy.


I also like leather. A lot. I think a leather skirt would be a great addition to my leather pants that I will certainly will be buying. Alexander Wang.



A Mui Mui sneaker. Always needed. Always wanted.



I can’t even talk about how great this jacket is. Isabel Marant.



Or maybe just full summer with this really cute bikini from Jcrew.



I know these boots are so last year. But I might get another pair. This time in black. I love them sooooo much. And they are really comfortable. Isabel Marant.



Ok one more… This little cardi is from Zara. It looks great with cut-offs and it will look great with jeans. A great transitional piece.


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