LBD a.k.a The Little Black Dress

Nothing beats having a great black dress to wear in the summer. I always recommend having at least two in your wardrobe. They have to fit well and you want to feel good in it as soon as you put it on. ¬†Actually, if you try on all your spring/summer clothes before the season starts- it’s a good way to cleanse. If it doesn’t fit well or you hate the way you feel in something- get rid of it or pass it on to someone who might want it. Life is too short to have clothes you don’t LOVE.

IRO. Love this brand, I think they might carry it at Holts, I buy Iro from Forward by Elyse Walker online as they are just as quick as and they ship in 3 days, no hassle.





LOVER. This was one of my favourite designers back in the day at One of a Few in Gastown. I think blouses and dresses are this Australian brand’s speciality. Michelle still carries Lover so check it out at One of a Few.




ISABEL MARANT. I buy Isabel Marant at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods on 4th ave. In my opinion they have a great selection of forward-thinking brands and while they sway on the masculine side of womenswear they have a few girly pieces too (like Isabel Marant). I also like Natalie who runs the shop over there, she is a classy gal.




PROENZA SCHOULER. ¬†I know I talk about this brand non-stop and it’s rather boring now. BUT, I do have to say they make a great dress(and a good bag). I have many of them to prove this point. Only found at The Room in Vancouver or on-line. This dress is super cool.




HELMUT LANG. If you want a comfortable, beach-y, easy travel dress- pick up a Helmut dress. They are always in a lux jersey that feels like you are wearing PJ’s. Eliminate all your dated print beach dresses and switch to black. (Just kidding!!). Just add a few more black. Found at The Room at The Hudson’s Bay.




ALC. This is a great brand with an entry level designer price-point. Their whole collection for spring was virtually made up of black and white pieces with a little bit of colour. Always fun to have a longer dress to have for days where you want a little coverage while still staying cool in the summer. This is a great dress to wear to a casual party with flat sandals. Also found at The Room.




If you need help finding an item for your wardrobe or you are interested in booking an appointment with me at The Room or in your wardrobe. Please just email or call me. Happy to help.

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