Men’s Fashion: The Biker Jacket

I haven’t met a man who doesn’t love leather coats. Especially in Vancouver. Finding one that is really great is often hard to do. I have searched far and wide for perfect coats for my clients and I like the biker jacket trend that is happening now. This jacket isn’t for every guy- as some will think it is too edgy or too extreme for their liking – this is ok- there are just as many who may be inclined to try it.

Styling tips for the inclined.

Wear a biker jacket with many layers. How good is this whole outfit with the turtle-neck? I LOVE it.


Merge the preppy and the edgy for a great contrast in style. Button your shirt to the top. Maybe even a tie.


Wear with a great tee-shirt and jeans, and ta-da! An easy outfit.


Nothing wrong with wearing all black when wearing a biker jacket. It’s a very chic look.



Some of my top picks for biker jackets this season:

St. Laurent.

Perfection in a coat.





Love the simplicity of this jacket. (available at The Hudson’s Bay)




The leather detailing and tailoring is worth the money.




Try a brown jacket for an alternative take on the trend.



You can always email me if you have any questions or need some assistance.

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