Menswear: An Outfit for You

I had a great time last week on CTV Morning Live talking about my favourite subject “Women’s Wardrobe Cleansing” and I will be on again on September 25th at 840am so tune in (if you can rise that early) as I discuss Men’s Wardrobe Cleansing… it always is a little different than a woman’s wardrobe due to the fact that most men end up wearing the same “style” for far longer than women. They seem to have many go-to / main-stay outfits that might be a little dated, need some additions and definitely some subtractions.

Here is a great updated casual outfit for all your husbands, boyfriends, partners, friends and family that might need some inspiration.

Start with a great cotton t-shirt. Nothing looks better on a guy than a black t-shirt. Easy to update. Spend a little money on a white and a black tee.

Add some layers. Like a new cashmere sweater. Nothing wrong with sticking to a solid grey.

Add a slim pair of black jeans. Yep. Slim is in.

A belt. This is something I believe in. At least today. Most men need serious updates in this area. If you bought your belt at Hill’s in Kerrisdale more than 15 years ago…its time to get a new one. Oh and if you see the shoe you will notice that I matched the belt and the shoe. It’s just safer this way.



Then try investing in a classic, elegant coat. I love the length on this one. Perfect to wear with jeans.


These fabulous street shoes are great for Vancouver’s casual lifestyle. If you only have dress shoes and running shoes…it might be great to add a street shoe into the mix.

If you can risk it… try a man-scarf. It doesn’t have to be scary. You just have to try it and embrace looking amazingly-stylish.



And if you are still with me… a casual weekend watch might be something you never thought you needed until you saw this one.



If you need any help with your wardrobe or know someone who does…check out the A Handsome Man package on my site or give me a call. I am here. Really.

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