My Christmas List

December is perhaps my favourite month. I love the whole Christmas thing, from putting up the tree, to Christmas baking and spending time with friends and family. It’s all about feeling grateful. This year is no exception. Perhaps it’s because of the hard times that make us so acutely aware of how lucky we are. No, we don’t need anything on this list but WANT is a little different. This is sort of my Christmas list and sort of, my wish list… AND perhaps inspiration for you to give and receive.

Bandanas. This is a reasonably priced scarf (for Hermes). They start at $185 and will be perfect with your stripe sweater come spring.

H042878S-08 (1)


Earrings by Sophie Bille Brahe. Dying for this earring. And all this Danish designers jewelry. It’s unique, cool and my most stylish friend is getting an earring and that says something right there. $3200






Pyjamas. Everyone knows I love a good Equipment blouse, but that same silk in pyjamas? Wow, that’s definitely something to get me out of my Hawaii tee and Anthropologie bottoms for good. $388




Wallet. Desperately need a new wallet and I have been looking at these for a while. Decided that classic is better and I went to Hermes again. It’s terribly expensive, but I think I’ll have it for the rest of my life. $2500


Ok fine. That one is a lot expensive. This one is cool too. Valentino $775


Coat. Ok, I don’t necessarily need a new coat(don’t even go there Sarah Creedon!) But you might and this one is super cute from JCrew, it’s the Wool Melton Swing Coat, $420. Grey is a great colour to have in Vancouver as everyone else is in a black coat.






Socks. I mean who doesn’t like socks at Christmas time? Or warm feet? Rachel Comey at One of a Few in Gastown. $44




Clutch. Fringe is in. Love this Pierre Hardy clutch, so much fringe coming for spring so I think it would be wise to pick up something like this to get ready. And…maybe have it for my new year’s party. $395



Ring. Big Bang Geometric rings might just be a perfect gift for your best friend. Club Monaco $98





Let me know if you need help with anyone on your list. I can help. Happy Shopping.








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