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Here are a few questions that I get asked frequently that I though would be worth putting out there in the world.


Can I wear a cropped pant in the winter?

Take a cue from Isabel Marant and wear with a shirt tucked in with a heel or a flat. Will your ankles be cold? Yes.  Is there a way to aid this problem?…try an ankle boot.


What is a good way to update my fall wardrobe this year? 

I love the buttoned to the top collar. I think it’s a great way to add a little preppy to oversized sweaters from last year and also gives a great polished look. And for those who think it’s just too much like a Ralph Lauren catalogue look…try it with a leather legging and heels. Trust me.



What is the best investment piece for winter?

Hands down it’s a great winter coat. Nothing says style more than a fantastic trench or wool coat. If you don’t already have one, and with sale season approaching, I urge you to buy one. If you are lucky, you can get a designer coat for almost half off at the beginning of December.




What is a great holiday piece to buy?

This year it’s all about embellishment. An embellished blazer or even a skirt can dress up jeans or a cashmere sweater. My advice is to choose one piece and keep the rest of your outfit plain…you want the jacket or skirt to stand alone.



I’m a mom and I want to be comfortable. Is there a way to do this without sacrficing style?

This becomes all about texture. Choosing a comfortable outfit made of cashmere will definitely be stylish…if not warm. Try adding leather leggings to over-sized sweaters and also choose designs that have a bit of edge to them. My stylish mom go-to-brands are Helmut Lang, Inhabit, Donna Karan and Vince.



What’s the easiest way to add style to office wear?

Ahh… the joys of belts. This outfit below was just so boring until they added the red belt and cute necklace. If you have a navy pant and white blouse…you could see if you could find a red, burgundy or even gold belt. Or if you really can’t imagine it…you can call me and I’ll explain.

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