Ripped Jeans. Should you wear them?

You may have seen girls everywhere in ripped jeans. Last time I saw so many people in ripped jeans was when I was in high school and we used to cut our own jeans to make them look more “Nirvana-like”. Clearly the fad is back. Some of my older clients have asked if it’s appropriate to wear ripped jeans if you are over a certain age, my advice is this: you can wear whatever you want at any age. There are better things to wear of course, if you are older and don’t want to look silly. If you are over thirty and want to wear the trend here are some tips:

They look great with heels and a good sweater or blouse.

Do not go crazy with the rips, distressed is a safer choice than large holes.

If you are wearing them casually wear with an ankle boot or cool sneaker.


Use discretion. Do not show too much leg. This is too much rip, in my opinion.



This is a good amount of rip. This would be an example of distressed.




Try and wear them with boots in the fall. They look great with ankle boots.




This is way too much “hole in the knee” .  Stay away from the big holes.




Love everything about this look. A great tip from Olivia Palermo is to wear a ripped jean with a crisp white shirt. Super chic.




And I love this too.




These are some great brands of jeans that do a good ripped/ distressed look.







Current Elliot.



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