Style and The Single Mom

What defines a single mom? I guess that it means that the majority of your child’s care rests in your hands. This is a vast and massive task. For me it means juggling work, play-dates, preschool, daycare, dating, friends, exercise, sleep and then doing it all over again the next day.

And where does that leave style? I would imagine single moms feel even more pressure to look good whilst trying to just keep it together, because well, I do. I know, I know… I work in fashion… an abundance of beautiful things lie right under my finger tips daily- whats the problem? TIME. EFFORT. MONEY. You know…the shocking reality!!

Here are my tips for style for any mom out there and especially single moms:

Be Organized.

Wash and blow dry your hair at night- this alone can save your life. I am not the type of mom that rolls into “drop off” in lululemons on my way to the gym- usually I am going to work and I look well put together. This takes time and Stella does not like to rush. My annoying hair that I have refused to cut since 1995 is a time suck and Stella hates the hair dryer. Kids!

Plan your outfits in advance. I like to try on things and know what works and what doesn’t. I do not randomly put on outfits last minute (maybe on the weekend ha!). When planning and designing a clients wardrobe I always take pictures of them in every outfit that we design and they are left with a little book for their reference. This helps with time in the morning and also with traveling as you know exactly what items to pack.

Organize your closet. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have 3 huge closets that are all MINE. Being a single mom does have it’s advantages. Keep belts together, organize your shoes where you can see them, keep your off season clothes out of the mix of your current season, these simple things can make things so easy.


Get Cash for Your Old Clothes and Shoes.

Consign your clothes. I love “community closet” to make a little extra cash from ill-fitting shoes that I paid way too much for. This helps me have money to constantly replenish (only slightly kidding).



Use a stylist or a personal shopper to help you with your wardrobe. Using someone (like me) can help you dramatically eliminate the problem of what to wear with what and you won’t get stuck with the perfect dress but no shoes. I also love my cleaning lady. I do not want to spend my few hours on the weekend scrubbing my bathtub. I would rather be broke than clean things.


Smart Shop.

Learn what items to invest in and what to save on. I love going into a clients closet where she has a great Burberry trench or a beautiful vintage Celine Bag inherited from her mother. These things last and you will never have to cleanse them from your wardrobe. Topshop is great for trends and great first date outfits.




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