The New Denim: Leather

Leather has become a wardrobe staple. This is a fact. This fall all the good things come in leather…besides the pink Johnathan Saunders coat that I currently am crazy about (but that’s another story). Back to leather. This season you really must add one or all of these items to your wardrobe.

Leather Pants. One of my fave style icons models them best, Kate Moss knows leather pants look good.




Leather Skirt. It makes no sense what-so-ever that I do not own one of these. In fact I just had to check my closet to make sure there wasn’t one in there that I had just forgotten about.



Knee High Leather Boots. Yes, I said it. I LOOOVE knee high boots. They are sexy and chic and no they don’t look good on everyone but if they look good on you you should own a pair.



The Leather Jacket. I mean, this is a must. If you need an update I will suggest a biker jacket of some type. They do not have to be full biker but can just hint at it.



If you need any assistance finding the right leather to add to your wardrobe, feel free to email me for an appointment.

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