Someone asked me the other day what are the essential accessories that one should have now or perhaps gather over time… here are what I think are great must-haves. That being said, I must admit, I only have the sunglasses on my must-have list. I am starting small and working towards the Birkin.


Hermes is top of the line in terms of timeless elegance. The double strap watch is a great investment piece.



The diamond solitaire necklace. I actually like Birks or Cartier for great jewelry. I stick to the classic non- trendy pieces. Can’t go wrong with this one you will have it forever.




Celine Sunglasses. In all honesty they really don’t have to be Celine. But you should have a pair of great sunglasses that you love and look good on you. Don’t give me the excuse that you are always loosing them, it won’t work on me.



A really great bag. I went top of the line here. No, sadly I don’t own one. But I might someday and then I will be the best mom ever and give it to my daughter, Stella.




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