What jewelry to wear and other fashion perplexities.

I find that most clients have trouble with accessorizing and often need some help in this area. They either stay away from jewelry altogether or wear a little but feel not very confident that they are wearing  it “right”. I do pay attention a clients jewelry box when I do a wardrobe cleanse and I find that A LOT of women have pieces that should be passed on and into the tickle trunk for children. If you are trying to up-date your look to something more classic and contemporary – your jewelry has to be up-dated too. Nothing worse than the only necklace that you have to wear – your mom bought for you on her last trip to Florida- and it may have shells in it. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive and it will complete your look almost as much as your handbag.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

When wearing a simple tee like this,





Try keeping your neck simple with a lightweight necklace, this allows you to have some style without being too dressy. Jennifer Meyer. (*I absolutely love this necklace*)





When wearing a collared shirt with the collar buttoned to the top (or even un-buttoned),





Add a statement piece that is shorter in length and compliments the collar. Marni.



I also like this cool trend of wearing a blingy, shorter necklace over a chunky turtle-neck sweater.




I love Tom Binns designs for colourful bling! JCrew also does well in the bling department.



When wearing an edgier look with a longer sweater or cardigan,




Put a long necklace down the front (this helps to create length) and keep it cool with a necklace that looks edgy and not crafty. Givenchy.




Adding a couple of simple rings to your jewelry box AND wearing them all at once…might just be what you need to feel a little trendier. I am currently obsessed with Catbird NYC. I love their jewelry and it’s affordable (which is a fantastic thing considering my want list). They demonstrate how to stack a ring (so I copied and pasted it in here), they sell them separately or as a set. The drawback on this trend is that the knuckle rings often disappear as they don’t stay on as well as the other rings…but I am sure you are more careful than me.





When your neckline is one-shouldered stick to no necklace. Bracelets and earrings look best. Roland Mouret.





And as for bracelets, I am still a fan of the arm party. I like to wear all my “stuff” on my left wrist. I stack all my bracelets with my watch and I usually try to match my metals i.e.. gold with gold. I find that even my most conservative clients appreciate the little bit of edge that the stacked bracelets provide.





Ok here is the other fashion perplexity that I have often wondered about.  I mean, they just weren’t flattering at all…am I wrong?





If you need a little jewelry update, give me a shout- it’s only a couple of hours to let me shop and drop selections off at your door. michelle@michelleaddison.com



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