What to Wear With What

Sometimes people are at a loss to know what to where with what, myself included- although I have a job in fashion- and that alone let’s me get away with much rule-breaking. Lately I have been wearing floral socks in my short MMM boots…it may not be a look for everybody.

It seems as though men in particular would like to know how to make their outfits more exciting but are at a standstill with what footwear to choose or perhaps what colours work with what or just confused about colour in general.

Here are some suggestions:

Add a belt for some dimension to your outfits and a pop of colour. Stick to basics on top and bottom- including your shoes.




When using a coloured belt and MIXING colours- try a grey shoe. It’s the safest bet. This is particularly true with blues. Because blues are confusing. For example “I have a navy pant and a coloured belt- what shoes?” Answer: try a grey pair.






When wearing coloured pants, stick to basic colours on the top and bottom as you don’t want to become too theatrical. The pants will do just fine not having to compete for attention.



Sneakers are a great way to have a bit of casual fun. Many of my clients who are afraid of colour are more than happy to express their style in their footwear. A pair of New Balance or Common Projects sneakers, which come in many colours, are a great way to style a pair of jeans for the weekend.






As always… if you would like to book an appointment to go over your wardrobe, I am just a phone call or email away.

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