Why should you care about belts?

I love fashion because it allows everyone to have a point of view. There is room for so many different people with different styles, that are all fabulous in their own way. I love scrolling through the pictures from New York fashion week or Paris or Milan and seeing not only the collections but also what everyone is wearing to the shows!! I have to say that my favourite accessory is the belt. You can say so much with a good belt. You can be edgy or feminine or even make a bold statement. Margiela makes good belts, Moschino, Alaia, Club Monaco, Isabel Marant or even Jcrew. I find them at The Room or even on-line. So why should you care about having a good belt? It will simply take your outfit from plain to CHIC. I guarantee it.

The Statement Belt.



Try this Rodarte belt for a studded statement.

UnknownIf you don’t have a medium width black belt to wear at your waist and your hip (with pants) you really should get both.




Try this Isabel Marant braided or studded belt at your waist or hips.



If you opt for a designer belt… nothing spruces up a white tee more than a cool belt with blingy branding.







You may get sick of me saying “add colour ” but I think its a lovely addition. Especially to your favourite boyfriend jeans.





Try this JCrew mint green one with your new “Sandro White Boyfriend Jeans” (follow me on instagram to know which ones- addisonmichelle)





Let me know if you need any help with your spring wardrobe. You get to be your best self this year and I can help with the outside part.






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