Work-Out Wonderful

What are you wearing to the gym? It’s often over-looked when I am cleansing closets- as people tend to say “oh, that’s just my old gym stuff, it doesn’t really matter”. Hmm…it may. Getting cool work-out gear might just make you excited to go to the gym AND I hate to say it but there are gym clothes that are more flattering and stylish than others. Yep, it’s true.

A cool sweatshirt. I always tell clients that they can move some of their older clothes to the work out pile. Some older designer sweatshirts that you don’t wear daily look great over gym clothes. Or perhaps investing one really good hoodie for the gym won’t kill you.




The cropped black pant is the most flattering on the leg. I have about a billion of the same style from Lululemon. So does every single celebrity ever photographed leaving the gym.





I mighty try polka dot as these are really cute. Stella McCartney for Adidas.





I love the idea of a cute sweatshirt vest. Stella McCartney for Adidas.



If all else fails… I will get a cool tank shirt like this, wear my cropped leggings and try some Tracey Anderson dance moves.






See! Another all black ensemble. You can’t go wrong.





I like a bright shoe. I have pink ones like these.



And how about instead of a gym bag- switch to a back-pack. So cool. Kenzo.




Need help in this department? Email me. It might only take a hour to change your gym life forever.

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