Austin, Texas

Just spent a fabulous couple of days in Austin, Texas and it has inspired me in so many ways. Sometimes getting on an airplane and going to a new place allows your mind be free of all the day to day worries. I worry a lot. Probably slightly more than most people. About various not-so-interesting things: money, what house I should live in, not enough time, my job, being a mom…you get the idea. It was nice to NOT do that for at least a couple of days. I went to yoga, drank a lot of fresh juice, walked and biked around, saw come cool stores, ate lots of good food and spent some time with my most favourite man.




1.I never saw anyone wearing cowboy boots. I saw many for sale at Allen’s Boots. But no one actually was wearing any.




2. I’m not so sure this suits me…





3. People in Austin love high-waisted pants and jeans and shorts.




SIDE NOTE (Bit of truth here…not everyone should buy the high-waisted look. As my mom says “but it’s comfortable honey” and I say, “it’s just not that chic on you mum”.  Here is a pic of Jessica Alba in her Austin/high-waisted look. Jessica is allowed to attempt high-waisted pants on any given day.)





4. There is SO much Kombucha choice at Whole Foods!! it was mind blowing and really awesome.


2014-06-19 13.18.56



5. You can loose wallets in this town too. Or rather you can ask your GF to hold your wallet and then it weirdly just disappears causing much annoyance.


2014-06-20 10.57.13



6. Fabulous stores can inspire you to fall in love with designers you kinda forgot that you loved so much, like Rachel Comey atKickpleat.


2014-06-20 16.28.22-1



7. You decide that Austin is the perfect place to get a pair of new high-waisted pants, just cause everyone else was looking so darn cute.




8. I really liked Austin… but I really LOVED being home in time for Stella’s parade.













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