FALL. Start Your Shopping List Now.

So as I am currently on vacation and relaxing (in between my kiteboarding lessons in which I am flung into deep water wearing a helmut among other items which seem to only make me look terrible and not prevent whiplash) BUT other than the sheer joy of riding waves in the open water, I am also getting lots of time to plan my fall shopping list. I recommend making one for fall this year and following through on it. Often people wait too long to shop and they can’t find their sizes in anything they really want, this happens with fall boots all the time (buy boots early). Also getting clear on what you NEED vs what you WANT may save you money. We are always drawn to things we may have multiples of (I am guilty of this with stripe sweaters and shirts- can’t pass one with out getting it) but I always make a plan for fall and assess what I need. ┬áThis year I have determined I need a new fall coat, new heeled boots and a new bag. Best thing to do is try on all items from your fall wardrobe, see if they still fit and if you still LOVE each piece, if you haven’t worn a piece in 2 years and it isn’t a classic item, it may be time for it to go. Don’t know what to keep and what to get rid of? Call me, I can help.

Here are some of my top trends for your list…if you need them or even if you WANT them.


The Bucket Bag.

Dying for the bucket bag. This may be my new bag. Proenza Schouler did one, so did St. Laurent and Alexander Wang. Love all of them.





The Bomber Jacket.

Just about died when I saw this Alexander Wang amazing bomber jacket. Can’t wait to own it and wear it everyday.




The Over-Sized Sweater.

This Christopher Kane Sweater is just one of many over-sized sweaters coming to stores everywhere this season. I adore these kind of sweaters, although they suck to work in all day. They look great for fall with jeans or tall boots…when you are running around town, looking stylish.




The Collared Stripe Shirt.

I think I want to start this trend, if it’s not already in motion. I am nostalgic about the old school Ralph Lauren stripe-collared shirts. I say bring them back. Wear them open with a shirt underneath or tucked into your favourite jeans. This is Isabel Marant and it’s on my list.



The Point-y Toe Short Boot.

This Acne “Jensen” boot is sure to be a sell out this season. Pass on the “Dicker” boot and say hello to the point.





Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

Everything Karen Walker does is cool and hip and her sunglasses are no exception. These are the D-frame glasses and work best on round shape faces.





The Boy-Friend Cardigan.

Did this ever go out? God. I am just so glad to see it again. Like an old friend who re-surfaced…oh cardigan welcome home. MiH Jeans.





Knee High Boots.

I admit it’s not really a trend. These are a classic item. I like having a pair that is not too high so I can wear them all day. I still have flat boots too, but there are some fall dresses that call for heels. Giovanni Rossi makes the best shoes and boots. I am going to have to try these and make sure they don’t give me wrinkly knees before buying them.





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