Holiday Gift Guide Part One: What Women Want

Ok ladies, here is a perfect list for you to pass along to your significant others in case they need a little help. And gentlemen if you are reading this it is always best to call me before you buy any of my clients clothes. Unless you are really, really qualified. You be the judge.

1. Women love jewelry, this is a fact. But how do you know she will wear it? This bracelet will never be returned. Cartier Love Bangle. And the second one is The Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet. Also good.





2. A New Wallet. Can’t go wrong with a great wallet. Proenza Schouler. Found at The Room.





3. Shop Local. Mona Sultan Scarf. This scarf is a perfect gift and a great price point for an original silk scarf. Found at




4. Shop Local. Katherine Hartley Stud Earrings. I love these studs because you can wear them everyday. I just switch from my gold pair to my silver. Found at




5. The Best Facial. Who doesn’t like a good facial? If I was living a more fabulous life I would get facials by Joy every week. She is soooo good. This would be a great stocking stuffer.




6. The Rad Ring. And if you don’t like that, The Love Ring. I can’t explain how great this gift is. It just is. or



1460_search6. Personalized Stationary. A very classy and stylish client gave me some personalized stationary for my birthday this year, not only is it useful but adds a detailed touch.





7. A Good Book. I saw Brene Brown on a Ted Talk and she really resonated with me. She has a book so I can re-read it every night and practice letting go of trying to be perfect. Then I’ll write all my new found wisdom down in my personalized notebook in my really tidy bedroom.




8. Christian Tortu Scented Candle. I love scented candles. This is a great gift as they can be sometimes a little expensive to buy for yourself. Especially if they are made in Paris.




Enjoy !! and if you need a little more help you can always email me…



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