Obsessed: Skincare

I’m not going to say that I haven’t deeply considered botox or any other anti aging procedure- because I have!  I see some great results  and some bad results of botox all the time in my line of work, but when I stubbled upon Joy at touchofjoy.ca- I was thrilled to find that she is doing the natural anti- aging thing…and I needed to try it…at least first.

Joy is very knowledgeable about skin and it is clear that whatever she is doing works for her- as her skin is to die for and apparently that wasn’t always the case as she has struggled with her own skin issues. Her facial was fabulous and she even used Endermologie/LPG to contour my face (apparently all the rage in Paris)whatever it was- I had enhanced cheekbones.

After my appointment I took home all the Jan Marini products and was instructed to drink lots of water…coffee apparently doesn’t count as water intake. This is a shock. My skin has never looked better and I was compelled to write a blog about something other than fashion. I think confidence comes from within but feeling confident about your skin helps us even on the worst of days. We all want to age gracefully and having glowing skin will enhance any outfit, seriously.




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