I spent last week being immersed in the culture and climate Nordstrom and to tell you the truth it was better than expected. Nordstrom perfectly aligns with what I have been about as a stylist since the begining of my career- they believe in the art of mixing high and low. They value that my job entails looking at the whole picture- looking at a client from head to toe each with different experiences and lifestyles to listen to and value. I love that. It also has the potential to become my favourite store. I mean, a store for Stella and Mark and myself, come on?! But oh yes, it’s good for EVERYONE. 

Of course I am a little scared of this new venture as it brings with it much unknown. Will I succeed? Can I be a good mom, girlfriend, friend, employee and still be sane? (not sure but maybe that has nothing to do with a new job- just balance- which I am not good at). I am choosing to trust that what I can offer my clients, besides amazing product is and always has been,  well- curated style.  I believe in the old school idea of personal shopping: specific, personal shopping appointments catered to each individuals needs. You call, I pull some amazing pieces in your size and we work together on creating great looks that work for you, your lifestyle AND budget.  I choose style over cost. Some things can be more expensive because we are investing in them, but others don’t have to be. If I don’t think it’s perfect, I will tell you which store may have a better item.  And the best part is I can help you shop for your husband/wife and kids. How awesome is that?


Speaking of awesome…here are my top picks for handbags for fall (clearly I think they are worth investing in).


Celine. This “classic” bag is topping my list. Major bag crush. Major.






Celine. Trapeze. Yes, this bag is still cool. Especially in all the new fall colors. Great bag to have if you want to make a statement.





Lanvin. Sugar. If Diane thinks it’s amazing, then it’s amazing. Great everyday bag with a little glam.





Balenciaga. Papier. This is a perfect bag to up-date your work look. Holds pretty much anything, even a small lap-top.




Valentino. Rock-Stud Hobo. Great mom-on-the-go bag. Adds a designer element to all your hands-free activities. The cross-body bag is a must when carrying wiggly children.



Loewe. The Puzzle Bag. This caught my attention when it was discovered that you can wear it 5 different ways. Making it the ONLY bag you will ever need.







I am taking appointments for fall shopping after the 18th of September. Please email me for your request.







Disclaimer: These opinions in this blog are my own.


  • Llorea Pankratz

    13.09.2015 at 15:29

    Hi Michelle,
    Keep your blogs coming….love your fresh ideas and inspiration. I too have become immersed in the Nordstrom culture and climate. I have been a stay at home mom for 15 years …time for me to do something for me, I have always dabbled in fashion…can’t get enough of it to be honest. Enter Nordstrom….I was very excited to be offered a position in women’s accessories. I’ve hung my “mom “clothes to one side in the closet, not that there is anything wrong with them but I finally get to show case me! I’ve pulled my previous life “vintage” pieces that I have coveted for years. Can’t wait to give them a fresh new feel, so many options, you’re only limited by your imagination and I can imagine a lot, good bye pay checks! Nordstrom will take Vancouver by storm, it’s so exciting to be a part of it! Good luck in your new venture with Nordstrom, you will be amazing! Please visit me in women’s accessories, we are over flowing with amazing items! Best, Llorea Pankratz

  • Helen Read

    24.09.2015 at 02:26

    Congratulations on your birthday celebrations today and congrats also in order for your new position at Nordstrom’s/Vancouver. Your daughter also stepped on the School Bus for Grade One-such a huge step in the life of a parent. We were given a beautiful new grand-daughter named Memphis on Sunday , Sept 13th so we are so fortunate having a 2 year old boy and a week old girl. As you know they grow up SO quickly. Take it ONE day at a time. Let tomorrow look after itself. It will all work out for you.

    • michelle

      27.10.2015 at 05:38

      Congratulations Helen! Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂