Re-Stock Your Basics

Day 9988 of the pandemic and we are probably re-wearing and re-washing the same set of sweatsuits over and over and over again. Are they looking a little tired? Is the sweatsuit a little hot now that it’s warm and sunny? Well, I have hope for you. It may be time to re-look at that over-flowing t-shirt drawer do a little cleanse to re-set and re-stock.



Tips for editing your massive drawer of old t-shirts.


Pre- Edit Tip : Tell yourself you DO NOT NEED THIS MANY T-SHIRTS.


  1. Take them all out and lay on floor
  2. Take the ones you completely dislike out first- the thought might be “why did I buy this?”  or “this is hideous” those thoughts are a sign to edit.
  3. Save maybe 1 or 2 for sleepwear if they were expensive and really soft but keep in mind old t-shirts are only sexy when actresses on tv wear them to bed.
  4. Eliminate all shirts that don’t look good on you. Be honest. No one likes see-through tight tops or way too loose like you are trying to hide.
  5. If your whites are not white and you want to bleach go ahead. If you don’t want to go to that trouble: note why you loved a particular white t-shirt and remember to replace (see below).
  6. Categories:  stripes, white, black, colors, graphic, dressy and tank tops.
  7. Re- fold and put back edited t-shirts in to drawer or shelf.
  8. Congratulate yourself on one area of your life being well-organized.


Re-Stock Your Basics

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The 2 Best T-Shirts I Could Find. Fitted and boxy. All your needs. 


Gil Rodriguez




Tank Tops (that make you feel like wearing them) 






Sweatshirts. I think oversized is WAAAAY better than too tight. 



Won Hundred



Long Sleeved Tops. The Ultimate Basic. 

Re/ Done Long Sleeved White. 

Gil Rodriguez



New White Sneakers. Just try and keep them white. 



Rag and Bone









Summer Sandals. Brown and Black. You don’t need any more than 1 of each. 


Ancient Greek Sandals






The Best Summer Tote. We may need a bag…one day. 


Poppy Barley (use code Michelle10 to receive 10% off)


Stella McCartney






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