The Art of the Turtleneck

So I was just on holiday and not thinking about turtlenecks, I was thinking only of why I don’t have better beach clothes and how it was so nice to be relaxing with my family. BUT as soon as I got off the plane and was FREEZING I started to want to put one on. Yes, I know that many of my clients refuse to even try them as they have a bad rap as being “too frumpy” or “too-much-like-my-mother”. I disagree. I am really liking them for fall/winter. I say bring them back and buy a couple that look good on you. I’ll tell you which ones work and which don’t, just ask me.


Turtleneck Inspiration. Francoise Hardy. She is just the coolest, not frumpy at all!





Try wearing a turtleneck with some colour. Caroline Issa




Add a cool necklace at the collar. Olivia Palermo




Wear All Black. She just makes me want to be blond.




Try a turtleneck with a skirt, tights and boots (and a splash of colour). Olivia Palermo.



If you still don’t like the full turtleneck try a turtleneck vest with stripes underneath. Can we just talk about how much I love Ramya Giangola’s style? A lot. 


Oh wait…See! they look good with the short pants that I love so… Turtlenecks are awesome.


Please let me know if I can help with any of your wardrobe needs.


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