Top 6 Best Casual Pieces

Besides the rain, which is never wanted but expected, fall is such a great time of year. I love layering. LOVE IT. Fall allows you to put on more clothes and then put on some more, for warmth or fashion whichever it is. Having good casual wear in Vancouver is a must, as the weekends in this rainy city never demand more than good jeans and shoes. Here are my top 6 best causal pieces to add to your wardrobe this season.


The Plaid Slip On Sneaker. Saint Laurent. I know, I know, Celine did this last year and perhaps in some fashion circles they have moved on. But now the rest of us can try it this fall. If you don’t want to spend the big $, try Sam Edelman at The Hudson’s Bay.






The Bucket Bag. I picked the Oxblood colour for you because it’s a huge trend this fall, but black would do quite nicely if you are looking for a cool bag. Saint Laurent.






An Oversized V-Neck Sweater. Equipment. This is a wardrobe essential. Check to see if your sweaters are a little short. When I cleanse women’s wardrobes of their ill-fitting jeans and switch them to slimmer styles, they need to up-date their sweater lengths as well.








A Great Hat. (for the rain). I love wearing a hat instead of a hood in the winter- way more chic and stylish. Way back in the day I used to work with Dani at One of a Few and now she designs Clyde hats in NYC. They are super cool just like her.






A Leather Jacket. Why would a Rick Owens leather jacket ever go out of style? I just can’t see it happening… ever. Sure, you may get the the biker jacket too but one must always aim for the Rick Owens jacket or something similar(and more affordable). The wide collars are the best and very versatile.







A Really Good Scarf. My friend Mona Sultan makes great scarves and this season is no exception. I picked this black and grey scarf as it goes with everything and keeps my neck warm and happy. (if you have a leather jacket you will need the scarf too)






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