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After a lovely week away in warm and sunny Mexico, I have come back to my regular life with a renewed sense of optimism and I am hoping it will carry into my wardrobe.

Here are some optimistic ideas for your spring wardrobe.

Add Pastels.

Pink and white look so great together and it is such a nice departure from grey. You can still wear a sweater but just add a little pink or even mint green.








It’s All About The DOT.

Polka dots are huge this season. Add them to your wardrobe in the way of a simple blouse, pants or even a shoe(the Paul Andrew polka dot shoes at The Room- are currently on my lust-list)










Wear White and Black together. Or Cream and Black.

I always tell my clients that they can wear white jeans now if they want…it’s almost March…creeping slowing towards  mid-spring… just add a black boot or even opaque black tights with a cream dress.






Invest in a Spring Coat with Some COLOR.

Everyone knows I am obsessed with coats. Can’t stop buying them, trying them on, doing my very best to get all of my clients in really great coats that suit them. I love coats. It’s a fact. Now coloured coats…I must insist, everyone needs at least one.











Or if you want to be less trendy more classic. There is nothing wrong with getting a great coat like this which will last until you want to give it to your daughter.

Look how perfect this coat is?…sigh.




Lot’s of exciting things happening this spring. Charlotte Olympia comes to The Room at the end of March and I will be sure to be wearing some of her sky high heels at the event and hopefully trying to get Stella into some of her Kitty Kat Flats. Watch for some “office wear style tips” from me in The Province Style Section March 2nd and stay tuned to CTV Morning Live where I will be giving style tips live on-air every two weeks.

And here is something that I couldn’t agree with more:






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